Thursday, 26 July 2012

Weekend First on LondonMidland - another twist to the tale

Barry Doe in Rail 701 has pointed out that, like Virgin, LondonMidland allows anyone holding a Standard Anytime Return to upgrade without an additional fee to First Class at Weekends and Bank Holidays (presumably, anyone holding a Standard Anytime Single would also be able to do so). Apparently, LM are reissuing the staff briefing on Weekend First to clarify this matter...

Of course, one has to wonder who these passengers are that use a Standard Anytime Return at the weekend. The ONLY occasions that you need to buy an Standard Anytime Return on LondonMidland are:

  1. Leaving Birmingham for London on the 0553 or 0653 Monday to Friday AND returning Monday to Friday from London between 4pm and 7.30pm
  2. Leaving London for Birmingham on the 0530, 0713 or 0813 Monday to Friday and returning Monday to Friday from Birmingham between 4pm and 7.30pm
Otherwise, an Off-peak Return should be used (or indeed a Super Off-peak if you are arriving in either destination after 1pm and don't need to return between 4pm and 7.30pm) Monday to Friday. At Weekends and on Bank Holidays, a Super Off-Peak Return should be used.

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