Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Gold Cards

Barry Doe in Rail 721 uses his 'The Fare Dealer' column to explain (yet again) why Annual Season Ticket holders should use their automatic Gold Cards and to berate TfL over their inability to give their customers the correct Annual Gold Card discounts on Oyster Cards.

Benefits include £5 first class upgrade in off-peak periods, discounted standard class travel, and a Partner card for £1. ESSENTIAL reading though depressing that TOC and TfL staff seem so uninformed as to the benefits the card allows.

As I highlighted last July, any user of the three TOCs who has an annual season ticket to a station within the old Network South East area (Northampton or Banbury southwards) should buy the ticket from a station within the Area so as to get the Gold Card benefit. DO NOT buy online without checking that the Gold Card will be issued. If you have a Oyster card, make sure that the Gold Card is added to it at an Underground station as apparently the process is not automatic...

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  1. If you don't have a suitable season ticket but want the Gold Card benefits, then buy a season ticket form Ryde Pier Head to Ryde Esplanade. £6 for a week or £23.10 for a month - a cheap way to get a 34% adult discount or £2 child tickets for travel in the NSE area.