Monday, 30 April 2012

Chiltern Railways: Good news for the passengers on the 1915!

Chiltern have let it be known that from the start of the new timetable (Monday 14th May 2012), passengers with Super Off-Peak return tickets from Bicester North will be able to use the new 1844 departure from London Marylebone to return home. This, it is hoped, will alleviate the chronic overcrowding on the existing 1915 service.

Also from the start of the new timetable, BOTH off-peak Silver set departures in both directions will charge the £10 supplement for the use of the Business Zone carriage. So passengers from Birmingham have until Friday 11th May to try the delights of the Business Zone carriage on the 1055 service from Moor Street without paying extra, whilst those from London can use this carriage on the 1337 for the princely TOTAL sum of 25p by booking ahead (click here).

Don't forget that Bevis Thomas, Head of Train Planning, is on Twitter on Wednesday (2nd May) between 8am and 10am #ttmbev - so have your favourite train planning conundrums ready!

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