Monday, 25 June 2012

Weekend First from LondonMidland

Having recently praised LondonMidland's marketing dept. for the innovative use of the online booking system, I have to admit to being bemused by the company's approach to First Class fares.

At the May fare 'adjustments', LondonMidland introduced without fanfare a First Class Off-Peak Single / Return to London of £44 / £45. At the time, there was an indication that a Weekend First would follow at the end of June. Lo and behold, this fare has now been introduced: £10 for a single journey and £15 for a return (Saturday / Sunday / Bank Holidays). Not that you would know as there is nothing at the Birmingham stations, no email campaign, nor, according to my daughter who travelled LM to London on Saturday, any announcements on the trains... In fact, the only publicity that I have spotted is a panel on the rotating banner on the home page of the site... So, LondonMidland - why so bashful?

Full details of the LondonMidland Weekend First can be found here - I would love to know if anyone actually manages to buy one

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