Saturday, 23 March 2013

Transforming Passenger Information 2013 - speakers from LondonMidland

Disclosure - I attended the Transforming Passenger Information Customer Experience Summit 2013 as a guest of London Business Conferences Live Tweets from the Conference were posted at #TPI13

For some reason (!) +London Midland seemed to provide the TOC speakers on information during disruption...

Matthew Clarke, Passenger Services Manager LondonMidland, tackled the need for a 'Disruption Mode' to be implemented when matters go seriously wrong. He described how LM, First Capital Connect, and East Midlands Trains are cooperating on an information system to meet the suggestion from Passenger Focus that "it would be better to display only those trains that are running - rather than force passengers to hunt for them amid an array of departures showing cancelled or delayed"

The outcome of this work will be local station and other displays with a 'current major disruption' warning displaying ONLY those trains KNOWN to be running to or from the station. This will be backed up with pre-programmed 'alternative route' displays when ticket acceptance by other rail and bus operators comes into force.

All being well, the enhanced information system will come into play in May 2013.

David Whitley, Head of Marketing LondonMidland, spoke on "Using Social Media to deliver passenger information during disruption" - LM of course tweet as @LondonMidland and David himself is @DavidWhitley74

David's key advice on the Twitter effect:

  • Assess Impact calmly
  • Draw information from several sources
  • Evolve the service through interaction
  • Promote self-service tools that Tweet recipients can access
Who makes a good Tweeter? Someone who

  • Has good Company Knowledge
  • Has awareness of alternative routes
  • Can link effectively with Control
  • Has the patience of a saint...
  • Has a VERY thick skin
Finally, passengers rate the Twitter service very highly BUT remember there are pitfalls (even though they can arise from misquotations of Tweets!)

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