Monday, 25 February 2013

LondonMidland ticket machines at Euston part 2

Having been assured by +London Midland that the display on their Euston ticket machine was an error, I returned today and took the following photo:

Apologies for the quality - the key point being that the bottom right destination on the front page is Birmingham and it is showing Standard Off-Peak return £49 even though this is not actually a valid ticket at 0914 at Euston...

Interestingly, middle right you will see a LondonMidland ONLY fare for Milton Keynes so clearly LM have the power to show their own fares!

So, come on LM - if you are going to place a branded ticket machine at Euston, at least show your won fares by default. After all, they are cheaper and are vaild off-peak for longer!!!

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