Friday, 11 May 2012

Chiltern Railways updates from Monday 14th May

Chiltern start the new timetable from Monday though as I have blogged there are no significant changes to Mainline train times. HOWEVER, it is confirmed that Super Off-peak ticket restrictions will be eased out of London Marylebone from Monday: the new start time will be 1841...

The effect of this easement is that the new 1844 service to Stratford-upon-Avon will be available to Super Off-peak passengers to Bicester North, Banbury and Leamington Spa. Chiltern very much hope that this will reduce the overcrowding on the 1915 Mainline service to Kidderminster which remains the first evening service for Super Off-peak travellers to Warwick Parkway and stations northwards. We shall see...

Another change confirmed from Monday is that the £10 supplement WILL be introduced for the Business Zone carriage on the Silver trains from Birmingham Moor Street at 1055 and from London Marylebone at 1337. On the subject of Silver Trains, Chiltern tell me that the newly-released refurbished set is undergoing 'shake-down' prior to entering revenue-earning service!

On the 20th May, the Anytime Return fare increases to £95 between Birmingham and London. Chiltern are 'sweetening' the pill by offering 2,000 purchasers of this ticket a free Weekend (ie £25) return ticket. Alas, the procedure is rather complicated and involves buying the Anytime ticket through a special web page: This offer lasts until 31st May or until the allocation is sold out - the weekend tickets are valid for a return journey within 3 months of issue.

However, as regular readers of my blog will know, there is NO need to buy an Anytime ticket from Birmingham to London - see Chiltern Railways Birmingham to London fares from 20th May 2012 - except in very particular circumstances. The push to taking advantage of the Split Fares available has been given a huge boost by the launch of the Tickety Split App by Now Chiltern have indicated that the Business Zone supplement will be chargeable only ONCE if users of the 0619 from Moor Street and the 1646 from Marylebone choose to split the fares (at Banbury) for the journeys on these services (Chiltern reserve the right to reassess this decision in the future).

A final piece of 'unofficial' news - Chiltern expect to open the new decked car park at Solihull from Monday.

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