Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Chiltern's cunning plan

Travellers on Chiltern's morning trains yesterday were entertained by a new series of passenger announcements penned by Green Wing writer Richard Preddy and delivered by staff trained by Tony Robinson of 'I have a cunning plan' fame (amongst many other claims to fame...)

Of course, Chiltern themselves had a cunning plan: to reduce the overcrowding on the 1915 from London Marylebone to Kidderminster by easing the Super Off-Peak travel restriction from 1900 to a new time of 1841.
Chiltern Railways Super Off-Peak restriction changes 14 May 2012

Alas, as with the cunning plans of Baldrick, the execution didn't quite hit the spot last night as the 1915 departed with standing passengers once more. As has been pointed out on Twitter many times, the (over)loading to Bicester North is made up of commuters returning home...

Perhaps the December 2012 timetable revision - first draft available next week apparently - will finally allow Chiltern to crack this seemingly intractable problem...

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