Wednesday, 16 May 2012

LondonMidland - First Class Off-Peak fares

From the fare changes on Sunday (20th May), LondonMidland are introducing a First Class Off-peak fare between Birmingham and London. A single will cost £44 BUT the return will be only £45, and, better still, the normal off-peak restrictions will apply.

Thus at the weekends, the fare will be available at any time in both directions. Monday to Friday the first train from Birmingham New Street on which it is available is the 0753 whilst from London Euston the first train is the 0846. Naturally there are NO evening restrictions in either direction.

So LondonMidland now have the cheapest Monday-Friday walk-on First Class fare from Birmingham to arrive in London BEFORE 10.30. FROM London, it is a tie between LondonMidland and Chiltern (each £45) though the Chiltern fare is on a faster train (0837) and does include complimentary WiFi and tea/coffee.

Should Virgin retain the WCML franchise, I wonder if they will celebrate by finally offering a proper First Class Walk-on off-peak fare? Don't forget at present that the First Class off-peak fare between Birmingham and London on Virgin is £184.60 - available by using the First Off-peak single from / to Birmingham International plus the First Anytime Day Virgin only return fare between New Street and International! Interestingly, this fare is available on the 0603 out of Euston.

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